Primary & Secondary Education

Primary & Secondary Education

The Trust established a number of high schools throughout Perambalur region to enable aspiring students from agricultural and economically backward families to benefit from affordable primary education. A total of Four Higher secondary schools, One High school, 2 Elementary schools have been established in various parts of Perambalur district and they have secured many state rankings and have established themselves as a pioneer in providing quality education and producing top-class students.  Roever Schools strive to educate students from economically backward families to achieve academic excellence in all fields.

Thanthai Hans Roever Higher Secondary School

Contact: 9750970163

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Hans Roever Public School

Contact: 9750970191

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Thanthai Roever Higher SecondarySchool, Nerkunam

Contact: 9750970159

Thanthai Hans Roever Matriculation School

Contact: 7373070121

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Thanthai Roever Elementary

Contact: 9750970154

Thanthai Roever High School & Primary School, Indira Nagar

Contact: 9750970168