Who we are

Know about Roever

With the increase in globalization, faster growth of the Indian economy and advancement in technology have given the enormous rise in every field of education. With every field becoming so vibrant and volatile, the choice for the professional courses has seen a massive improvement. Roever Group of Institutions was established in 1978 supported with the eminent academicians and educationists to provide quality education to everyone. We offer various courses in Engineering, Polytechnic, Management, Education, Nursing, Pharmacy, Agriculture & much more. Located in the periphery, the culturally rich community of Perambalur. All our institutions are run by St.John Sangam Trust, has over 50 years of service in managing educational, social and charitable institutions, with a total of 26 institutions in and around Perambalur.

Chairman's message

Roever is now synonymous with quality education and sustainable social empowerment. While our belief in universal education is slowly empowering rural communities throughout many generations, I would like to highlight the immediate needs of the socially and developmentally challenged rural poor, who have no community or government support. Roever Social Development unit focuses on the young and the old, physically and mentally challenged, women and children, healthy and sick people in and around Perambalur. Its main goal is to provide for and empower those who are not able to take care of themselves. Our staff provide a whole range of services such as home for orphans, physically and visually challenged, short – stay home for women and girls, old age home, a rehabilitation centre for alcohol and drug addicts and disability rehabilitation centre.